Wednesday, December 09, 2015

Knoxville Zoo chimps confront wayward raccoon

It's doubtful a wild raccoon expected a big chimp challenge when he wandered through the Knoxville Zoo.

A few days ago, "Downtown" Randall Brown was visiting the zoo with his son, Will White, when they spotted something unexpected in Chimp Ridge.

A raccoon had somehow gotten inside the chimpanzee enclosure, and had been "treed" by the youngest and most inquisitive member of the group, 7-year-old George. While the other chimps looked on from nearby, George grabbed a stick and was trying to poke the raccoon.

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Wednesday, December 02, 2015

Monkeys kill temple priest in Patna, India

Munna Mishra, a temple priest, was killed when a troop of monkeys playing on the terrace of his house dropped a few bricks on him.

Monkeys on a rampage have left Patna residents a harried lot these days. Several persons, including women and children, have borne the burnt of simian attacks in the past few days. Not to mention people have lost their lives because of the monkey menace in the area.

Munna Mishra, a temple priest, was killed in the Mirchai Gali locality under Chowk police station of Old Patna when a troop of monkeys playing on the terrace of his house dropped a few bricks on him while he was sweeping the floor downstairs on Monday. Mishra was rushed to the Nalanda Medical College and Hospital by his family members but he succumbed to his injuries on the way.

Mishra's death caused widespread panic in the area. He was the third person in recent times to have lost his life because of the nuisance caused by monkeys in the locality. After Mishra's death, police wanted to take his body for a post-mortem examination to enable his family get ex-gratia but his relatives declined to opt for the autopsy of his body. Locals alleged that monkeys had bitten several people in areas under the three police stations of Malsalami, Chowk and Khajekalan over the past week.

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