Friday, May 30, 2014

Six Quarantined Monkeys Die At Oregon Zoo

Six monkeys died of unknown causes while in quarantine at the Oregon Zoo.

The cotton-top tamarins, a species of small New World monkey, were part of a group of nine that arrived at the zoo on May 22.

"It's sad," said zoo visitor Maria Maarigal. "The Oregon Zoo should have taken care of them properly, how can this happen?"

The remaining three monkeys, including a 5-week-old baby, appear to be in good health, according to zoo workers. They are still being closely monitored.

The deaths were discovered by a veterinary staff member early Sunday morning. Initial necropsy results were inconclusive, according to a zoo statement.

"We are shocked and heartbroken," said zoo veterinarian Dr. Tim Storms. "We are really trying to get to the bottom of it. Certainly, I have seen animals die in unfortunate situations before, but never six animals all at once like that."
Tissue samples were submitted to a pathologist for further analysis. Zoo officials hope to receive those results within a few weeks.

"At this point it could be anything, from exposure to something to disease or even acclimation problems, we really don't know," said Storms.

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