Monday, January 20, 2014

Spider Monkey That Bit Beachwood Man Euthanized; Rabies Test Negative

A YouTube video of Brodi the spider monkey adds the message, “RIP Brodi, 1/18/2014.” According to reports, the Erie County Health Department has euthanized a spider monkey that bit a Beachwood man on the hand at a Vermilion car dealership Tuesday.

Reports also indicate that health department officials confirmed the monkey did not have rabies. The monkey was taken late Friday night and was euthanized about midnight, according to reports. Bob England, Director of Environmental Health with the Erie County Department of Health, told NewsChannel5 that transportation of Brodi without the proper enclosure was one of the violations.

Jacob Ruehlman, 20, of Vermilion, is the owner of Brodi, a 10-pound White-bellied spider monkey that bit an employee at Pat O’Brien Chevrolet, 4545 Liberty Ave.

Ruehlman said he and his twin brother, Michael, brought Brodi with them to the car dealership because they did not want to leave the animal at home alone. Ruehlman said he went home to change Brodi’s diaper and had to go to Pat O’Brien to check on his car before the auto body shop closed. He said he didn’t want to leave Brodi at home, because the monkey gets upset when parted from his owner. Brodi was sitting on Michael Ruehlman’s lap in their rental car when a Pat O’Brien employee approached the car window. The employee asked to pet Brodi, whom Jacob Ruehlman said might have felt out of his element in a strange place. “He (the employee) reached his hand right in the car,” Ruehlman said. “It wasn’t a serious bite. It looked like someone had stuck a tiny pin in his thumb.”

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