Tuesday, September 18, 2012

Conan Overcomes 2nd Vasectomy To Become Father For The Third Time

conan the chimp
The latest paternity test at the national sanctuary for retired research chimpanzees confirms that Conan has overcome two vasectomies to father three daughters.

Chimp Haven announced the results Monday.

All three babies were surprises. Every male chimp must get a vasectomy before coming to the northwest Louisiana sanctuary near Keithville. After Conan fathered a baby in 2007, his tubes were clipped again.

Then a Valentine’s Day baby turned out to be his, and every male chimp still interested in and living with females got a more complicated vasectomy. The females all were put on birth control, just to be sure.

“As a sanctuary for chimpanzees in need, it is not the mission of Chimp Haven to create more chimpanzees,” said president and director Linda Brent. “We take our responsibility to prevent pregnancies very seriously, but sometimes life finds a way.”

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