Tuesday, September 18, 2012

Conan Overcomes 2nd Vasectomy To Become Father For The Third Time

conan the chimp
The latest paternity test at the national sanctuary for retired research chimpanzees confirms that Conan has overcome two vasectomies to father three daughters.

Chimp Haven announced the results Monday.

All three babies were surprises. Every male chimp must get a vasectomy before coming to the northwest Louisiana sanctuary near Keithville. After Conan fathered a baby in 2007, his tubes were clipped again.

Then a Valentine’s Day baby turned out to be his, and every male chimp still interested in and living with females got a more complicated vasectomy. The females all were put on birth control, just to be sure.

“As a sanctuary for chimpanzees in need, it is not the mission of Chimp Haven to create more chimpanzees,” said president and director Linda Brent. “We take our responsibility to prevent pregnancies very seriously, but sometimes life finds a way.”

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20-Year-Old Video Of Toddler Playing With Gorillas Causes Controversy

A gorilla picks up a tiny toddler and carries her around like a doll in a video that just hit the web.

British conservation activist Damian Aspinall shot the video 22 years ago at Howletts Wild Animal Park in Kent, but hasn’t made it public it until now.

He feared a backlash because the little girl seen playing with the 300-pound primate is his daughter Tansy — who was just 18 months old at the time.

He said he released the video to show how gentle gorillas actually are...

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Wednesday, September 12, 2012

New African Monkey Species Identified

monkey lesula

Researchers have identified a new species of African monkey, locally known as the lesula, described in the Sep. 12 issue of the open access journal PLOS ONE. This is only the second new species of African monkey discovered in the last 28 years.

The first lesula found was a young captive animal seen in 2007 in a school director's compound in the town of Opala in the Democratic Republic of Congo. The young monkey bore a resemblance to the owl faced monkey, but its coloration was unlike that of any other known species.

Over the following three years, the study authors located additional lesula in the wild, determined its genetic and anatomical distinctiveness, and made initial observations of its behavior and ecology, as reported in the PLOS ONE paper.

The new species' range covers about 6,500 square miles in central DRC, in what was one of Congo's last biologically unexplored forest blocks. Although its range is remote and only lightly settled at present, the lesula is threatened by local bush meat hunting.

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Monday, September 10, 2012

Smuggler Caught In India With Monkey In Pants

smuggled loris
Customs authorities in India have arrested a man who was attempting to board a flight at New Delhi's international airport with a monkey in his underwear, a report said on Monday.

The man, who was detained along with two other travelers, had arrived from Bangkok and was about to take a connecting flight to Dubai on Jet Airways, the Press Trust of India reported.

Personnel at the airport found the seven-inch loris, a type of monkey native to India and southeast Asia, "in one of the passenger’s underwear during the security check," PTI said.

Another loris was discovered in a dustbin at the Indira Gandhi International airport.

"They had abandoned him as they were unable to carry him," a senior security official told the news agency.

The passengers, named as Hamad Al-Dhaheri, Mohammed Al-Shamsi and Rashid Al-Shamsi, were handed over to Wildlife and Customs Department for further questioning and were later arrested by customs police.

Authorities were trying to determine the exact origin of the monkeys.

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