Tuesday, May 08, 2012

Loose Pet Monkey That Bit 3 Put Down

Police in Asheville say a monkey running loose on the streets bit three people.

Officers say they were called around 4:30 p.m. Sunday for a report of the monkey on Upland Road.

Three people said the monkey bit them. Two were injured on the ear and one was bit on the finger.

"We thought it was cute at first. We didn't try to hold it or anything and then it jumped on us," said Jeannie Deweese who was bitten by the monkey.

Deweese says she and her daughter were standing in their yard, when the monkey came over.

The monkey, described as a small brown, white and gray marmoset named Cous Cous belongs to Deweese's neighbor.

"She is a loveable animal. She would never attack anyone. I think she was scared," said Cous Cous's owner Gabrielle Campiformia.

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Rarest Gorilla Revealed in Camera Trap Video

An extraordinary new video reveals the first camera trap footage of the Cross River gorilla, the world's rarest gorilla.

Although the video, shot by Wildlife Conservation Society conservationists in Cameroon's Kagwene Gorilla Sanctuary, is only a few minutes long, it presents a vivid microcosm of these primates' lives -- their suffering at the hands of humans, their struggle, but also their pride.

As the footage (see it below) begins, you can see one gorilla stopping briefly to rest under a tree, but then compelled to move forward by the troop. When another spots the camera trap, it briefly charges, Tarzan style, toward the screen, beating its chest.

Watching the footage, the connection to these magnificent animals, who are in turn so connected to us on the primate family tree, is undeniable. You can see how one gorilla has lost its hand, likely in a snare set by poachers, but the individual keeps moving and trying to survive. One can only wonder how hard that gorilla's life is now.

Fewer than 250 Cross River gorillas remain in the world. This video footage may be one of the last reminders of their existence. They are rarely observed by field researchers, so who knows when such footage will ever be captured again.

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Friday, May 04, 2012

Inebriated Largo Driver Found With Monkey

When police pulled over a man speeding on East Bay Drive Thursday night they no doubt got surprise when they found a monkey in the truck along with him.

According to police, officers pulled over 36-year-old Eugene Carl Kotelman, who was driving 70 mph on the road, just after midnight Friday morning.

Police discovered Kotelman had been driving on a suspended license and had a lengthy history of DUI charges. He was again arrested for DUI.

The monkey, who was in the truck with him at the time, was turned over to one of his friends.

When Kotelman posted bond this morning he was arrested again by FWC for Possession of Wildlife and 2 counts Violation of Fish or Wildlife Rules.

The monkey is now in FWC custody.

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