Thursday, April 12, 2012

Conan The Chimp Fathers Second Surprise Baby Chimp, Despite Two Vasectomies

Conan, the twice-vasectomized former research chimp, has fathered yet another surprise baby at Chimp Haven.

That makes two for Conan, and there may be a third on the way.

That's the word from the Keithville sanctuary, following DNA testing to determine the paternity of Valentina Rose, born on Valentine's Day to 29-year-old Flora.

This surprised Chimp Haven employees because all of the males chimps in the group have had vasectomies. Especially Conan, who was re-vasectomized after another unexpected birth in 2006.

Tracy was born to Theresa in 2006. DNA testing pointed to Conan. In fact, Valentina's mother, Flora, lives in the same social group as Tracy. "Tracy and Valentina Rose are half-sisters," says Chimp Haven Director, Dr. Linda Brent.

Flora's surprise pregnancy prompted a round of tests for the rest of the females in her group, which revealed yet another pregnancy. 42-year-old Ginger is expected to deliver in late July or early August.

Testing to determine the paternity of that baby chimp cannot be done until after the birth.

Regardless, Conan is set to be vasectomized - again - immediately.

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