Thursday, March 01, 2012

Sanctuary Chimp Pregnancies A Surprise As Males Sterilized

After two unexpected pregnancies at a sanctuary for retired research chimpanzees, other female chimps have been put on birth control and the males are getting a new round of vasectomies.

The pregnancy at Chimp Haven, opened in 2005 near Shreveport, was discovered on Valentine's Day when a worker noticed Flora, a 29-year-old chimp, carrying a newborn.

Chimpanzees like to carry things around, and the worker thought Flora was holding a stuffed toy. Then she saw a tiny foot, sanctuary director Linda Brent said Monday.

An ultrasound Friday confirmed 49-year-old Ginger also was pregnant and due in late July or early August, Brent said.

Every male gets a vasectomy before being sent to Chimp Haven because there's a surplus of captive chimpanzees.

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