Monday, December 12, 2011

Kentucky Police Purchase Monkey In Undercover Drug Sting

"Monkey business in Rowan county," says Chief Deputy, Joe Cline, of the Rowan county sheriff's office.

Sheriffs deputies in Rowan county have been cracking down on drug trafficking, making under cover buys. It was at Jerry Mynhier's house, where they found more than what they were looking for, "We received a lot of complaints about this guy. While we were in there doing our buys, we were able to find out that he had a monkey,That he wanted to sell," adds Mynhier.

After talking with Mynhier in jail, he says the monkey was his pet, "It was named, when I got it, Snickers."

He says he bought Snickers from a friend and that he became part of the family, "I have a little house next door that it was kept it in. It lived in a cage and I also let it run loose in there.

Sheriff's deputies say that Snickers appeared neglected, but Mynhier says he took care of her,"I fed it bananas, peanuts, and grapes."

Sheriffs deputies working undercover paid $500 for the spider monkey.

"It required some extra contacts and calls and a lot was done prior to the transactions. We wanted to make sure that we didn't have monkey on our hands, not knowing how to take care of one, or where to take it," says Cline.

Sheriffs deputies say that Mynhier faces several felony charges for possessing oxycodone and likely a misdemeanor charge for possessing a primate.

"Selling the drugs is what I'm confused about, but having a monkey that was stupidity," says Mynhier.

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