Friday, November 18, 2011

Drunk Zoo Visitor Attacked By Monkeys After Climbing Into Pen

A drunk zoo visitor was taken to hospital after he climbed into a monkey enclosure to "play" and suffered a series of painful injuries when the animals attacked him.

The incident was captured on camera by an amateur filmmaker, whose footage shows the man swimming across a pool towards a group of spider monkeys.

Joao Leite Dos Santos, a mechanic from Sao Paulo, Brazil, had been drinking alcohol when he went to the Sorocaba Zoo on Sunday.

He climbed over a fence, pulled off his shirt and made his way towards the animals as tourists at the popular city zoo looked on, with many taking photos and videos of his stunt.

As Mr Dos Santos swam towards the primates, two can be seen reaching out from the side of the pool in a bid to grab hold of him.

The animals scratched and bit at his arms and shoulders as he moved closer to their group.

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