Tuesday, October 04, 2011

Monkey Lost, Found In Doniphan

A small monkey was lost through a pet door of the home it was staying on Monday. The monkey lost, found in Doniphan, is now safe and warm, awaiting transport to its permanent home.

As a retiring therapy monkey, the grivet was temporarily staying at a central Nebraska home during his relay to a permanent retirement home. No danger was involved since the monkey is vaccinated and not carrying rabies. However, a bite is a possibility if cornering a scared animal, of any species, when unused to its surroundings and the people.

Groene meerkatHelping Hands, a non-profit organization serving quadriplegic and other mobility impaired people, generally use the capuchin monkey as helpers trained to aid people. Other species, such as the grivet monkey lost in Doniphan, Nebraska, are often trainable to suit needs of people.

According to the Grand Island Independent, using a trap baited with gummy bears, a blanket and other familiar items, the Central Nebraska Humane Society was able to catch the monkey about 3pm Thursday. Catching and securing a small monkey may need more than meets the eye, as the lost monkey escaped the room it was being held in at the humane society. A short jaunt through the gift shop likely taught the humane society workers to never underestimate the speed and intelligence of a monkey in unfamiliar surroundings.

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