Tuesday, October 04, 2011

Born Free USA Rescues Baboon From Basement


The 3-year-old baboon who was surrendered to Dane County (WI) Animal Services this summer and cared for temporarily by the Dane County Humane Society after living in a basement laundry room is doing “great” at his new, permanent home at the Born Free USA Primate Sanctuary in Dilley, Texas. In August, the olive baboon joined 13 other baboons in a 2.5-acre enclosure at the 186-acre sanctuary, home to 532 primates, many of whom were rescued from laboratories, roadside zoos and private possession.

In addition to experiencing other primates and the outdoors for the very first time, the baboon — who arrived with the name Monkey — is getting used to his new name, Dane, chosen by a Born Free USA supporter, to honor the Dane County Humane Society, which took care of him during his transition. More than 150 supporters wrote to Born Free USA agreeing with the organization that he deserved a new, more suitable name now that he has a new, more suitable home.

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