Friday, August 05, 2011

Timmy The Gorilla Dies At 52 In Louisville Zoo

The Louisville Zoo has lost an iconic figure Tuesday morning when Timmy, a 52-year-old Silverback gorilla, was euthanized because of multiple health issues.

Timmy was born in 1959 in Cameroon in west central Africa and was brought to the Memphis Zoo in 1960. Zoo officials described him as “easy-going” and said Timmy's health steadily deteriorated over the past few years with chronic medical problems such as heart disease, heart arrhythmia, and chronic osteoarthritis.

The average life span for a captive silverback is the mid-40s, said zoo spokeswoman Kyle Shepherd.

“He was an ambassador for his species,” Shepherd said. “It's a loss to the zoo world in general, and certainly to the local zoo.”

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