Tuesday, August 30, 2011

Three-Month-Old Child Rescued From Monkey

A three month old was rescued from a monkey by residents of a Hazaribag village on Saturday after the animal took away the child and perched atop the roof of a house.

According to a villager, after feeding the child the mother lay the baby on the bed and was doing household chores when the monkey entered the house by braking open a portion of the roof. The animal picked up Satyam Kumar, the son of Ishwar Mehta, quietly from his bed before jumping to the roof the house.

Noticing the monkey sitting with the child on the roof, some villagers raised the alarm.

Immediately, The people of the locality surrounded the house and made frantic efforts to bring down the monkey by luring it. But the animal refused to budge and did not respond to the provocation. It kept on sitting firmly on the roof with the child on its lap, building tension in the area.

Seeing no other alternative, some villagers climbed on the roof and tried to snatch away the child from the monkey. In the process, two persons were injured and the child also received some bruises. However, after a short fight, the animal gave in and the child was handed over to his parents.

The child was taken to a private hospital for treatment.

Ajay Kumar, a resident of the area, said some monkeys had created a reign of terror in the region for the past six months because of which they apprehended sending their children to school. "The monkeys are entering the houses of the villagers and damaged valuable articles, including clothes and food," he alleged.

The villagers demanded that the forest department take immediate steps to drive away the monkeys and give suitable compensation to them.

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