Tuesday, August 30, 2011

New Monkey Species Discovered In The Amazon

Scientists on a WWF-backed expedition in an unexplored part of Brazil have discovered a new species of monkey. It’s still being studied, but is thought to be a previously unknown kind of titi monkey. The discovery of this and other ‘new’ species highlights the importance of protecting these remote areas of the Amazon.

The unknown monkey species was discovered during a 20-day expedition to one of the last unexplored parts of Brazil’s Mato Grosso state in December 2010.

This long-tailed, ginger-tinged little primate is believed to be a titi monkey, from the Callicebus genus, but has features on its head and tail never seen before in other titi monkey species in the area.

A specimen is now being studied at Brazil’s Emílio Goeldi museum, in order to provide a description to mammal experts and primatologists worldwide. This will also help expand awareness of the wildlife of this remote area.

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