Tuesday, August 09, 2011

Humane Society Seizes Baboon Kept In Madison Man's Basement

A 3-year-old baboon living in a basement laundry room was surrendered by a Madison man this week and has a temporary new home at the Dane County Humane Society.

Patrick Comfert, Dane County Animal Services lead worker, said his office learned of the baboon after receiving an anonymous tip.

The owner, who lives on Camden Road on the city's East Side, denied owning a baboon on two separate occasions when questioned by officials. On Wednesday, Animal Services returned with an inspection warrant issued by a Dane County Circuit Court judge and the man admitted to having the animal.

"It was in pretty good condition," Comfert said of the baboon, adding the owner had erected a cage and rope swing. "But is a basement laundry room the proper environment for a highly evolved social primate? No."

On Friday the baboon, named Monkey, climbed around the impromptu, but strongly reinforced, kennel in a quarantined area at the humane society as officials put out calls and emails to zoos and primate rescues to find him a home.

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