Thursday, June 23, 2011

Florida's Mystery Monkey Spotted Again!

The monkey really is alive and well. And we have video to prove it.

Following a story published this week in the St. Petersburg Times about a rhesus macaque's elusive ways, a reader who gets regular visits from the Mystery Monkey e-mailed a video he took from his home.

The 27-second video shows the young male monkey picking seeds from a brick patio and shoving them into his mouth while looking around. The videographer, who asked to be kept anonymous to keep his identity and address private, narrates the short video.

"A raccoon was just out there," he says over the video. "The monkey kind of chased him off a little bit, not much."

The videographer lives near the southern tip of Pinellas County, where the Mystery Monkey has been residing for several months and has been seen in various backyards and streets.

This latest video is perhaps the clearest image of the monkey since he has been roaming throughout the Tampa Bay area over the last couple of years.

Full story here.

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