Wednesday, June 22, 2011

Breakdancing Gorilla Video Goes Viral

Calgary Zoo’s “breakdancing” gorilla Zola entered strange territory Tuesday as his Internet video spread around the globe and crossed over into international news.

The video collected nearly a quarter-million views on YouTube by Tuesday afternoon and stories of his funky feat showed up on news sites, blogs and Facebook pages.

With the zoo continuing with a spotlight on gorillas this month, the senior gorilla keeper was equipped with a pocket video camera so he could capture some “gorilla stuff.”

“He told us that Zola . . . (likes) to play in water and just caught this moment in time,” said Skene, adding a staff member added tunes to the video before posting it online.

The “dance” happened in an area where the zoo can transition gorillas between indoor and outdoor exhibits or keepers can check them over.

For Zola, some water was put on the floor for him to play.

Full story here.

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