Monday, May 16, 2011

Tragedy At London Zoo As Baby Gorilla 'Tiny' Killed

The little western lowland gorilla sustained a badly broken arm and suspected internal injuries and could not be revived after surgery.

Nicknamed 'Tiny', the seven-month-old was involved in a fracas after he and his mother were introduced to Kesho - a new silverback male - for only the second time.

The first meeting between the two had gone well, but it is thought Kesho took exception to the child of another male being in his presence when they were reintroduced on Thursday (May 12th).

'We knew this was going to be an extremely difficult situation for the gorillas and their keepers and we've always been open about the challenges we would face introducing a new male in such difficult circumstances,' explained Zoological Society of London director David Field.

'Everyone here is utterly devastated. Although we had tried to be prepared for the worst, we are all completely heartbroken by this.'

Adult male gorillas regularly attack the offspring of their rivals in the wild, but it was hoped that Kesho could make the group at London Zoo more cohesive after the previous male gorilla died.

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