Friday, May 06, 2011

Monkey Attacks Couple After Man Rolls Over Him In His Sleep


Would you share your bed with a monkey like this?

This is a photo of an adult java macaque, two of which now have a new home near Franklin after attacking their owners.

"I know his nose was messed up pretty bad and his wrist," said Debbie Jeter, owner of Bear Path Acres.

They will soon join "Isaac," who is the same species and around the same size, in a cage at Bear Path Acres.

The owner of the farm, Debbie Jeter, says they came here after Sammy, a thirty pound male, went bananas on his owner after he accidently rolled over on him in bed while they were sleeping.

"Its just a natural reflex for anybody. If my husband rolled over on me, I probably wouldn't bite him, but I would smack him, ya know?" said Debbie.

She says Sammy and Tara's owners thought of the monkeys more like their children rather than wild animals, and let them share the bed with them every night.

Debbie says while these monkeys seem like nice pets when they are young, you can never take the 'wild' out of a wild animal.

Full story here.

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