Monday, February 21, 2011

Stolen Monkey Found - But It's The Wrong One

Police say a rare monkey that was returned to a NSW wildlife park yesterday is not the one that was stolen from his cage nine months ago.

It is instead another monkey of the same breed - a cotton-top tamarin called Conchetta - who was stolen from Brisbane's Alma Park Zoo in October.

"Unfortunately it was a case of mistaken identity by the police," said John Radnidge, the owner of the Symbio Wildlife Park, in Helensburg, NSW.
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"I can confirm that the animal belongs to Alma Park in Brisbane. It turned up in Melbourne and she's now in our care."

Eight monkeys from Symbio - four tamarins and four pygmy marmosets - were stolen from Mr Radnidge's park on May 30. Seven of them were found in early June, but one tamarin - six-month-old Rico, remained missing.

He was believed to have been found after a 34-year-old Victorian man yesterday returned to the Symbio park a monkey that he said his friend had bought for him on the internet.

But after a physical examination and an analysis of the monkey's microchip, police and Mr Radnidge now say the returned tamarin is not the male Rico but is instead the female Conchetta.

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