Tuesday, January 18, 2011

Gorilla Known For Using Own Cup Dies At Fukuoka Zoo

A gorilla at a local zoo, who is known for using his own cup to drink water, has died of old age.

Willy, the western lowland gorilla who was estimated to be over 45 years old, spent 43 years and three months at the Fukuoka City Zoological Garden, making him over 80 years old in human terms, according to zoo officials. He is believed to have been the oldest western lowland gorilla in captivity in Japan.

Willy drew attention from visitors after he started drinking water using a cup that a visitor to the zoo accidentally dropped about a decade ago.

He lost his appetite several years ago, and his condition worsened on Jan. 3 this year. Even though he showed sings of recovery at one point, he died on the evening of Jan. 16.

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