Thursday, January 27, 2011

Chattanooga's Hank the Chimp Dies

Chattanooga joins the city's zoo in mourning its best-known occupant. Hank the chimpanzee died Monday at the age of 42. He joined the zoo in 1976, and since then he's become their most famous face. Hank has entertained visitors through the glass and through generations, up until his death Monday morning.

The faces of the chimps show their sadness, either huddled together, or just sitting alone. They don't walk or play, just mourn their longtime friend Hank. Zoo visitor Kimberly Clampet says, "He's probably the most recognized animal at the zoo."

Both visitors and staff came to the zoo to see the familiar face, and wait for his kisses. Even little Camebre, barely old enough to talk, knew Hank. He was known for playing with people more than chumming with the other chimps. Kimberly Clampet says, "It's awful, that's one of the reasons we came to the zoo so often was to visit him, he would always come up to the glass and give her kisses."

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