Friday, December 10, 2010

Twins Born To Rare Primates At Philadelphia Zoo

Two baby primate twins made their first public appearance on Thursday morning at the Philadelphia Zoo.

The little pied tamarins were born on November 3rd to mom Twiggy and dad Socks. They also join a brother and sister in the family at the Rare Animal Conservation Center.

The Zoo says the twins have white fur on their head and cheeks that will fade by adulthood.

So far, their sex is unknown and they have not yet been named.

For now, both babies do a lot of hanging around, riding of everyone's backs. That routine, however, will soon change!

In about a month from now, the babies will start to act more independent and more adolescent. One of their favorite activities will be cutting in line, so to speak, to get their food.

"They'll start to steal food from the adults and, once they do that, they'll begin their training program with the keepers as well," said Anna Halko-Angemi of the Philadelphia Zoo.

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