Wednesday, November 03, 2010

Cheeky, Missing Cross-Eyed Monkey Found Safe

A cross-eyed monkey stolen at the weekend has been found safe and returned to its wildlife park enclosure.

Thieves broke into the Nowra Wildlife Park on the New South Wales south coast and stole Cheeky, a tiny, two-year-old common marmoset, from a mesh enclosure at the weekend.

Possibly the only cross-eyed monkey in the country, its keepers feared it would struggle to survive without proper care.

The primate has spent her whole life at the park and head keeper Trent Burton told The Daily Telegraph yesterday she would find it very difficult adapting to change.

The ABC reports police discovered Cheeky at a home in Wollongong following a call to Crime Stoppers. They are questioning the residents.

Full story here.

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