Monday, October 11, 2010

Stolen Monkeys, One Found Dead, Another At Large From Alma Park Zoo

Keepers at Brisbane’s Alma Park Zoo are still searching for a missing, highly-endangered female Tamarin monkey after her partner was found dead yesterday in a nearby housing estate.

The pair of Cotton-top Tamarin monkeys, named Tonto and Conchetta, were taken from their zoo enclosure on Saturday night.

The eight-year-old male monkey, Tonto, was found dead yesterday afternoon by residents in nearby Surround Street, Dakabin.

‘We don’t know whether the people who broke in actually captured the female or whether they both managed to escape,’’ Alma Park Zoo manager Garry Connell said.

He said Conchetta, who is pregnant with twins, was unlikely to survive another 24 hours in the wild, if she had managed to escape.

‘‘She hasn’t got much going for her in these wet and cold conditions,’’ he said.

Mr Connell said he hoped the small tropical monkey had found shelter high in a tree within the zoo grounds.

Keepers kept her enclosure open overnight in the hope she would be enticed back by the warm lights and food.

Mr Connell said zoo employees were devastated at the news.

‘‘I even have cafe staff, who do not have anything to do with the animals, that have gone home in tears,’’ he said.

‘‘It’s quite emotional.’’

Mr Connell said there was no indication what had motivated the thieves.

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