Thursday, October 14, 2010

Oregon Zoo Euthanizes Ailing Colobus Monkey

The Oregon Zoo announced Tuesday that veterinarians had euthanized a colobus monkey ailing from an abscess that impaired her heart function.

Mali, 14, mothered three offspring -- the first a challenge, perhaps because her own mother died when she was a few months old and she'd never witnessed a mother colobus caring for an infant. But with time, keepers recalled, she developed the right maternal instincts.

Infants are born with white fur but after a few months develop luxurious black and white coats.

"Mali had a quiet, stoic nature about her," keeper Liz Zimmerman said in a zoo news release. "I believe she had a complexity to her that she kept well hidden behind her shy gestures. Miss Mali will be greatly missed and fondly remembered."

Full story here.

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