Monday, October 11, 2010

Locals Claim Authorities Killed 'Wrong Monkey' In Baby Attack

Residents living in nearby housing estates in Seremban, where a monkey had killed a four-day-old baby on Wednesday, claim that the authorities shot the wrong macaque.

They believe the real culprit is still at large in the forested areas.

Retired government servant Mohinder Singh, 74, said: 'The monkey killed by the officers... was much smaller. Alpha males are bigger and stronger and have even attacked and killed mongrels.'

Last year, he added, a group of monkeys almost attacked a five-year-old girl who was playing outside her house.

Another resident, P. Vellai, 56, said the dominant monkey was not afraid of women. 'The alpha male is huge. The one shot by the officers does not fit the description,' she said.

But the state's Wildlife and National Parks Department said it has cleared all macaques from the area. Its director, Mr Ishak Muhammad, said his officers had combed the area thoroughly.

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