Wednesday, September 29, 2010

Trained 'Monkey Police' Used At Delhi Games

Delhi's security preparations for the Commonwealth Games include a squad of trained langur monkeys to thwart common monkeys who threaten to disrupt the international event by running rampant through public venues.

Reuters reports that the New Delhi Municipal Council has deployed 38 trained langurs to scare away the lesser primates.

The smaller stray monkeys, which are considered by some Indians to be sacred and cannot be killed, roam freely through buildings, creating a public nuisance, the BBC reports.

In 2007, the deputy mayor of New Delhi was killed when he fell from his balcony during an attack by wild monkeys, while 25 other people were wounded when a monkey went on a rampage in the city, the Associated Press notes.

The larger black-faced langurs with gray fur are controlled by trainers who keep them on a long leash.

One langur guards the headquarters of the games organizing committee, while others keep an eye on the major stadiums during the events.

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