Friday, September 03, 2010

Monkey Makes Off With Multiple Spectacles

A mischievious monkey is not seeing eye to eye with residents of the Himachal Pradesh capital. He is focusing instead on their spectacles and running away with them! The 'farsighted' simian has even entered an office and decamped with a pair of glasses. In the past week, it has snatched five specs from the office of the Himachal Pradesh Power Corporation Ltd (HPPCL), a PSU located in the Tuttikandi area.

HPPCL director (electricity) A.C. Sharma too lost his glasses to the monkey. The monkey entered his room two days ago and smartly snatched them from the office table without showing any interest in other office accessories.

Another employee, Jagdish Chaudhary, said the monkey even pounced on people wearing spectacles, on two occasions, catching victims unawares, removing their glasses and then fleeing into the nearby woods.

"It is becoming a headache for employees here. We are advising visitors not to wear spectacles while coming to office," he said.

Full story here.

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