Thursday, September 09, 2010

Grandpa The Monkey Predicts U.S. Open Results

Grandpa The Psychic Monkey
Paul the Octopus, Germany's world-renowned soccer prognosticator, captivated mankind by correctly picking eight of eight winners in this year's World Cup, including the final. Regrettably, he was forced into retirement shortly after the event, leaving the world devoid of proper wildlife sports handicapping.

To reconcile this, The Wall Street Journal did the only thing that made sense: We went to the Staten Island Zoo and recruited a 34-year-old spider monkey named Grandpa to predict U.S. Open results.

Similar to how Paul picked his games—he would choose from two boxes containing mussels, each marked with the competition's flags—Grandpa picks from two tennis balls in his exhibit every morning, each one labeled with a player competing that day. Whichever ball Grandpa grabs first is his call for the winner.

So far Grandpa has proved that his tennis knowledge runs deep, posting a 3-0 record. On Wednesday, when Melanie Oudin played Alona Bondarenko, Grandpa resisted the urge to make the sentimental choice in Ms. Oudin, the popular American youngster. Instead he prudently snatched the Bondarenko ball, rubbed it on his chest and tried to bite into it like an apple.

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