Friday, September 03, 2010

Emergency Hip Surgery Performed On Columbus Zoo's Baby Gorilla

Misha the gorilla
Misha (MEE-sha), the infant gorilla who came to the Columbus Zoo and Aquarium after losing part of a leg at less than two months of age is once again recovering from surgery after partially dislocating a hip.

Misha came to the Columbus Zoo and Aquarium from the Louisville Zoo on May 24. She was receiving 24/7 care from Columbus Zoo and Aquarium experts who were raising the infant next to other gorillas while identifying a surrogate mom to integrate her into a Columbus Zoo gorilla family.

On August 23 Misha was placed in an off-exhibit habitat with Pongi (PON-jee), a 46-year-old non-reproductive female who had bonded with Misha and has been the surrogate mother to another gorilla infant. Zoo staff continued to observe Misha and Pongi while providing Misha with supplemental feedings including bottles of formula given through the protective mesh.

On August 28 Misha was exploring the habitat when her uninjured leg became stuck in a climbing structure. Without the use of her other leg she was unable to easily remove herself from feeling caught and vocalized in distress. Pongi quickly responded and in removing her from the structure caused injury to Misha’s hip.

This morning advanced imaging of the hip was performed at The Ohio State University Veterinary Medical Center and based upon the results Misha was taken to surgery. The dislocated hip was repaired and a cast applied. The team of specialists included Nationwide Children’s Hospital pediatric orthopedic surgeons Dr. Kevin Klingele and Dr. Walter Samora, veterinary orthopedic surgeon Dr. Jonathan Dyce from the Ohio State Veterinary Medical Center, and Columbus Zoo veterinarians Dr. Michael Barrie, Dr. Gwen Myers and Dr. Holly Peters.

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