Friday, August 13, 2010

Escaped Scottish Monkey Eludes Capture Before Being Struck By Car

A pet monkey was knocked down and killed by a car after going on the run in a town centre.

Police, vets and locals had been trying to trap the animal - described as a marmoset - for an hour when disaster struck.

But they watched in horror as the monkey was run over by a vehicle in William Street, Oban, and was killed "on impact".

The Scottish SPCA and police are now trying to track down the owner, who is believed to be travelling in a camper van in the area.

Shop worker Teresa Michie said: "A passer-by came in saying a monkey was sitting on a car and could I phone the police.

"I thought they were winding me up so I went outside and, right enough, there was a monkey sitting by the side of the road. I phoned the vets to come and help."

Traffic warden Lorraine Craig added: "The wee thing gave us the run around. We were trying to keep it safe.

"Nobody knew where to look when it was hit. The wee thing had been crushed."

Scottish SPCA Argyll inspector John MacAvoy said: "Anyone who has a monkey needs a licence, and as far as I am aware there is no one in the area with a licence."

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