Wednesday, August 04, 2010

Chimpanzee Born At NC Zoo, Viewing Delayed

Maki and Nori
North Carolina's newest chimpanzee, 2-day-old Nori, was kept from public view Tuesday at the North Carolina Zoo while she ironed out feeding issues with her mother.

The older chimp, 16-year-old Maki, alarmed zoo staff Monday night by incorrectly handling her newborn, spokesman Rod Hackney said.

"She's holding the baby upside-down, or she's holding the baby away from her chest," he said. "It's inexperience. She's a first-timemother."

Maki was tranquilized while baby Nori was weighed. Both appeared to be healthy, so Nori returned to nurse briefly. Staff will monitor the chimps off-exhibit through at least today, and their public appearance is put off indefinitely.

Nori's birth on Monday brings the N.C. Zoo's chimpanzee troop to 13, the largest in the country.

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