Monday, July 12, 2010

Four Dead Monkeys Found In Agra Hospital's Water Tank

Unable to bear the stench from the water they had been using for several days, employees of the district hospital decided to look into the matter and got a shock when they found four dead monkeys in the overhead tank.

"On Sunday, it was decided to check the water tank. When a person went up the tank, he discovered to his horror four dead monkeys floating and half a dozen live monkeys sitting around," said a resident of the staff quarters in the hospital premises.

The bodies were disposed of and the hospital management ordered that the tank be cleaned up. Water stored by 35 families living in the complex was thrown away and all tanks and utensils thoroughly washed. But some patients naturally panicked and fled the hospital.

Medical Superintendent BD Pathak told mediapersons that the overhead water tank was still incomplete and had not yet been handed over to the hospital by the public works department. "The connections were taken unofficially," Pathak said.

Agra has been grappling with the monkey menace for a long time with two people even dying of monkey bites in recent months.

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