Wednesday, May 26, 2010

Western Lowland Gorilla Born At Blackpool Zoo

/baby gorilla sleepingA massive celebration of new beginnings at Blackpool Zoo took place on Tuesday 25th May as the award winning attraction officially opened its brand new sea lion pool and confirmed the births of its first ever Western Lowland Gorilla and Pileated Gibbon babies.

The birth of Blackpool’s first ever critically endangered Western Lowland Gorilla has been hugely anticipated by zoo staff and visitors alike since the pregnancy was announced in December.

The beautiful bouncing baby, whose sex is yet to be confirmed, was born during the night and was found by keepers suckling from proud new mum Miliki on Friday 7th May.

Although mother and child are on public view, sightings of the baby have so far been rare, as it will spend the next few weeks clinging to Miliki’s chest until it builds strength and co-ordination.

At between eight and twelve weeks it will start to crawl and ride on its mothers back before learning to walk at around nine months.

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