Monday, May 31, 2010

Thieves Take Monkeys In Midnight Wildlife Park Raid

monkeys stolenEight tiny monkeys would be "in total trauma" after being stolen in a night raid on a NSW wildlife park.

It is the second wildlife theft in less than two weeks after a pair of macaws were taken from Taronga Zoo.

The monkey rustlers broke three padlocks and cut power to two enclosures to steal the four pygmy marmosets and four cottontop tamarins from Symbio Wildlife Park at Helensburgh some time between about 5pm Sunday and 7am yesterday.

"They are from the Americas and are so tiny all eight of them would fit into a shopping bag," distressed park director John Radnidge said yesterday.

"The cottontops were a pregnant mum and the dad - Mitu and Bella and their two six-month-old babies, while the tamarins are all adult males - Malagro, Thiago, Che and Rico.

"They would all be in total trauma and by the looks of their enclosures they have been chased around and netted with force.

"I'm worried they will die because the thieves won't know what to feed them - they have specialised diets.

Full story here.

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