Wednesday, May 05, 2010

Tampa Monkey Spotted, Again

tampa monkeyDavid Smitherman was driving home from work Tuesday when something caught his eye.

To his left, about 75 yards down, Smitherman saw the elusive rhesus monkey darting across the street on Druid Road near U.S. 19 in Clearwater.

"This monkey looked like he owned the area," Smitherman said. "He didn't look like he was concerned about anything."

One of Smitherman's relatives alerted the Florida Fish and Wildlife Conservation Commission. The FWC chose not to conduct an active search because the spotting was so close to massive brush. They did not believe it would be possible to find the monkey in the brush.

They were also concerned about the proximity to U.S. 19, a busy highway in the middle of rush hour.

Gary Morse, FWC spokesman, did reiterate that, while everyone has joked about the mysterious monkey, the monkey is dangerous.

Full story here.

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