Thursday, May 27, 2010

Rare Monkeys Give Birth At Dublin Zoo

Two new attractions at Dublin Zoo are making themselves known to the public. The monkeys, a white-crowned mangabey and a sulawesi crested macaque, were born within two weeks of each other last month at Dublin Zoo.

The youngsters are both part of a rare species belonging to both Indonesia and the south coast of Africa.

“It’s a black ball of fur with pink hands and face that flash when it’s not attached to it’s mother,” said team member Ciaran McMann, who is responsible for the macaque.

Both monkeys will become more visible to visitors now as they have started to venture away from their parents and rummage for food. “They live on two islands and have grass, bark and trees to climb and find cover in,” he added.

The babies cling to their mothers for the first one to three months of their life and because of this, it’s almost impossible to know what sex they are. “The girls have the binoculars out trying to guess,” McMann said.

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