Thursday, May 20, 2010

Mystery Connecticut Monkey Wins Game of Hide and Seek

spider monkeyAfter engaging town and state officials in a game of hide-and-seek, a small monkey appears to have left town.

Dennis Schain, spokesman for the state Department of Environmental Protection, confirmed that a monkey was spotted feeding at a Dumpster at the Holly Hill Transfer Station off West Putnam Avenue on May 6 by a cleaning crew.

Since the reported sighting, however, the monkey has remained out of view, Schain said.

"We did go down and talk with the people who saw it," he said. "From that conversation, we believe it might have been a spider monkey because it was dark in color and maybe three feet tall."

Spider monkeys are both black and brown and have disproportionately long limbs and a long tail. They are not considered dangerous, officials said.

Schain said since the original sighting, DEP officials do not believe anyone else has seen the monkey. "It could have gone back home or wandered off," Schain said.

DEP officials have spent the last two weeks trying to coax the monkey out of hiding, Schain said.

"We were trying to use some food to make it want to keep coming back and get comfortable to create an opportunity to capture it," he said. "But now that it has not been seen in a couple of weeks it is probably not in that area."

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