Tuesday, May 25, 2010

Baby Gorilla Born At Atlanta Zoo

gorilla bornZoo Atlanta's 25-year-old western lowland gorilla gave birth in the early morning hours Sunday, according to zoo officials. It's the third baby gorilla born to Kuchi and Taz, a 20-year-old silverback.

Kuchi and Taz are also parents of fraternal twins, Kali and Kazi, born in Nov. 2005.

"Kuchi has demonstrated over the years that she is a truly remarkable mother," says Dr. Dwight Lawson, senior vice president at the zoo. "We're excited about seeing her demonstrate those qualities with another new baby, and particularly about seeing Kali and Kazi interact with their new sibling."

The infant gorilla is already on exhibit, the zoo said. Kuchi's latest arrival is the 18th western lowland gorilla born at the zoo since the opening of the Ford African Rain Forest in 1988

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