Thursday, April 01, 2010

Lincoln Park Zoo Announces Birth of Langur

langurThe Lincoln Park Zoo in Chicago, Illnois has announced the birth of an endangered primate at the zoo's Helen Brach Primate House. The picture of this mother and newborn are just too cute not to share. Along with the pictures, Lincoln Park Zoo shared interesting informaion about the social system and community parenting habits of the Francois' langur.

Visitors to Lincoln Park Zoo’s Helen Brach Primate House have an opportunity to catch a rare glimpse of a newborn Francois’ langur. This youngster, born March 18, is hard to miss thanks to its bright orange fur and white face. This is in stark contrast to the color of the newborn’s mother and the rest of the troop, which all sport a uniformly rich black coat and white stripe on their cheeks.

Full story here.

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