Friday, April 09, 2010

Chimpazee Dies After Fall From Tree

jessy chimpA female chimpanzee of Alipore zoo swinging from one tree to another suffered a fatal fall on Thursday afternoon.

The post-mortem revealed that 22-year-old Jessy, who was brought from England along with her partner Teju in 1997, had suffered lung and liver injuries in the rare fall.

“It was an unfortunate incident. Her right lung was ruptured and the liver, too, was damaged,” said zoo director Raju Das. A chimp usually lives for 25-30 years.

With Jessy’s death, the zoo now has three chimps left — Teju, Babu and Rani.

An official said this was the first instance at the zoo of a primate falling to its death while swinging from one tree to another. “Jessy’s death is strange because tree-hopping is as natural for primates as swimming is for fish,” said an official.

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Jayanta said...

This news came up in TV anf became headlines of many newspapers.Seeing the news some question came to my mind.
1.Though she was injured a fortnight before her death , why treatment began so late only after the infection spread in her body.Why zoo authority was so negligent?
2.The day of her death i.e. thursday the zoo was closed for public.So the real story remains behind the veil.What is the real story?
3.A few days back a elephant calf died,still why the zoo official are so negligent in their duties in treatnent and animal care.
4.Postmortem of Jessi took place inside the zoo,though the hospital is adjacent.What is the reason of such fast and immediate postmortem.Is it hiding from the the eyes of press or general public.
5. When the chimp climbed the tree why didnot the zoo authority placed any net under the tree to restrict falling of Jessi.
6.Why no preventive measures or restraining is used for the Jessi to avoid any such untoward incidence?
7.How can zoo keep such inefficient doctors?
8.Did Jessi died due to infection from the old untreated wound and falling from the tree is a cooked story.As zoo was closed on 08.04.2010, who will prove it?

Moreover zoo authority is trying to say that death of Jessi from falling of a tree can happen.