Friday, April 16, 2010

Amok Malaysian Monkey Shot Dead

monkey biteA monkey set off 10 hours of panic by attacking people in the tiny south western Sabah town of Weston before being shot dead by police.

The monkey had roamed the town and menaced residents, including biting Noraqilah Indrina Mohd Yassin, eight, on her leg.

Noraqilah was accompanying her mother to a cake shop in town when the monkey pounced on her at about 6am Tuesday and bit her leg.

Her mother Azlin Abdul Rahman, 32, said they were very scared and screamed for help as she struggled to get her daughter out of the monkey’s grip.

“I managed to free my daughter and run away,” Azlin said.

Noraqilah was treated at the Beaufort hospital where she received eight stitches on her leg and was checked for other diseases and infections. She was discharged yesterday.

According to residents, the monkey continued to roam the town and attempted to attack another person who managed to flee indoors in time.

A team of three policemen headed by Sjn Maj Ahmad Daud and residents tried to shoo it back into a nearby jungle but it refused and continued to charge menacingly at them.

By 4.45pm, the monkey tried to attack one of the team members and police decided to shoot it, as they had no other option.

Beaufort district police chief Deputy Supt Mustaffa Maarof urged residents not to provoke monkeys.

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