Monday, March 22, 2010

St. Petersburg's Mystery Monkey Swings Into Pool Cage, Falls In Pool, Escapes

petersburg monkeyRenée Barth spotted what she thought was a large dog walk by the sliding glass doors in her back yard around noon Sunday.

But when the creature sidled through an open screen door and swung onto a tree in the pool enclosure, she realized she was staring at a monkey.

"It was crazy," said Barth, 40, who lives in the Tropical Shores neighborhood in southeastern St. Petersburg. "It was exciting."

Barth said the monkey "freaked out" a bit before he found his way out of the enclosure, banging the screen and even falling into the pool. Long after the monkey was gone, Barth checked other parts of her property. Some grapefruits were missing.

Full story here.

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