Tuesday, March 30, 2010

Orangutans Get In Fight At Milwaukee Zoo, 3-Year Old Orangutan Injured

orangutan fightOne of the Milwaukee County Zoo's most popular animals is recovering after a brief altercation with another animal on Sunday.

Zookeepers said Mahal, a 3-year-old orangutan, got caught in the middle of a fight between two adult orangutans.

Employees said the altercation began when MJ, a female, picked a fight with Tommy, an adult male.

They said MJ ran away and Tommy misplaced his aggression toward Mahal. Zookeepers were able to separate the animals before either of them was seriously hurt.

"Unfortunately, Mahal suffered a few minor injuries during the process. Keepers were very quick to respond. He's doing remarkably well today, considering what happened yesterday," said Trish Khan, area supervisor of the Primates and Apes Department at the Milwaukee County Zoo.

Full story here.

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