Wednesday, March 24, 2010

Newborn Golden Lion Tamarin Passes At Zoo Atlanta

One of the twins born to 5-year-old golden lion tamarin Robin on March 18 died on March 22, 2010. While newborns of any species are fragile, golden lion tamarins are known to carry an increased risk of infant mortality in offspring born to individuals without previous parenting experience. Robin and her mate, 4-year-old Theo, were both the youngest offspring in their families, and thus did not have the opportunity to participate in infant caretaking, which in their species is a behavior learned through practice and observation. Zoo staff believe this inexperience led to the pair’s inability to adequately care for two offspring.

Robin and Theo’s remaining infant appears to be thriving, according to the Animal Management and Veterinary Teams, who continue to monitor the family closely.

Full story here.

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