Thursday, March 11, 2010

Another Chimp Born In Rwandan Forest

chimpAn endangered chimpanzee group that's at the heart of a Rwanda reforestation effort backed by Great Ape Trust in Des Moines has welcomed its second infant in a year, the trust reported Wednesday.

Gishwati Area Conservation Program field crews discovered the baby last week with mother Nyiramatwi.

"There is a reason we call Gishwati 'the Forest of Hope,' " said Benjamin Beck, project director. "It would have been easy to dismiss the significance of restoring this forest and saving this small population of chimpanzees, but fortunately a group of dedicated people and visionary leaders realized the potential of Gishwati and its critical importance to the Rwandan people."

The birth means 15 chimps are known to live in Gishwati. Scientists have been heartened to discover reproduction in the isolated group.

Full story here.

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