Wednesday, February 17, 2010

Beloved Gorilla Dies At Toledo Zoo

malaika gorillaA gorilla born at the Toledo Zoo nearly 40 years ago has died.

Malaika, a 38-year-old gorilla, died Tuesday afternoon from what zoo officials say was congestive heart failure. The female animal developed a cough over the past ten days that was not responding well to treatment. A cardiac evaluation on Tuesday showed she was in congestive heart failure. After the exam she went into cardiopulmonary arrest and was not able to be resuscitated.

Toledo Zoo Executive Director Dr. Anne Baker says Malaika was a beloved ape. "By bringing three offspring into the zoo gorilla population," Dr. Baker stated, "Malaika played an important part of the preservation of the species during her long life. Even as we miss her, we take comfort in the legacy that she left behind."

Malaika was born at the Toledo Zoo in 1971 and was a fixture at the zoo all her life. Her three children, including daughter, Johari, and two grandchildren, Bwenzi and Dara, still live at the Zoo's Kingdom of the Apes.

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