Friday, January 15, 2010

Rogue Monkey Holds Villagers Hostage

A rogue monkey injured 50 people and forced residents to stay indoor in a thickly populated village here in Kendrapara district.

Biting the villagers at will since yesterday morning the male monkey has laid siege on Tikhiri village located in the vicinity of Paradip, official sources said today.

The injured mostly children and women are undergoing treatment at Port Trust Hospital in Paradip.

"We have been literally held hostage by the rowdy animal.

We are helpless. Neither the administration nor the forest department has heeded to our request for help," villagers complained.

Villagers are moving in groups wielding lathis in their hands to protect themselves.

"We have summoned forest personnel to cage the monkey and to restore order in the village," Kendrapara Collector Sisirkanta Panda said.

Full story here.

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